greetings from a hotel parking lot!

Don't worry, we aren't actually in a hotel. I'm not sure if they would let
us in a hotel with how scruffy we are looking :-) It's pretty cool where you
can get internet access nowadays!
Just another quick note to let you all know that we are doing great!! We
are just north of Portland, Oregon; we have been on the Oregon coast up
until now. It is really beautiful!!
We camped at Cape Lookout last night where they have a really long nice
beach. We walked on it for miles and it was really pristine and awesome. We
saw a dead shark on the beach and sand dollars and lots of dungeness crab
shells. Luna found them very exciting too and rolled around on dead crab, so
now she kind of smells like skunk and dead crab and beach (yum!) We are
planning on bathing her tomorrow, but we rubbed her down with sand and now
she isn't too bad smelling, but I'm not putting my nose up to her very
Today we hiked down the cape onto this even more pristine beautiful beach.
The fog was dropping from the top of the cape onto the beach. It was really
windy and really unreal and pretty. There was also a river which was flowing
under the tide which we could see because the tide was low. On the hike to
and from the cape, we found a lot of lobster mushrooms. This was my first
time ever finding them (aside from once finding them at the Berkeley Bowl
market). It was really really exciting and fun finding them; they have very
good hiding places.
hmm.. anyway lots more of excitement happened but that was the
I'm gonna just list random things that are cool:
the oregon coast is the wooden pirate mecca of the world! It's also the
plastic “seagull” mecca.
you get yelled at here for smelling muffins
people are commenting about our “just married” stuff still (lots of people
married more than 40 years!)
“I love monkeys” sponsored the highway cleanup somewhere on the oregon
people call “Fred Meyers” “Freddies”

lots of snakes, mushrooms, ferns of all sorts, firs, spruce,
rhododendrons, no poison oak, lots of wild berries, foxglove, sand dunes
(with and without dune buggies).

ok love to all!! :-)

=-mikey and myriam cohen-=

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greetings from the side of the road (in a cottage market parking lot)

Well, I think you all were thinking, “that crazy old rv they got's gonna
break down somewhere”, and it appears you are all right! We overheated about
an hour or so ago, and I'm not quite sure what's wrong, but even odder is
that we have internet access! We are on a mountain road above the Columbia
Gorge; we pulled over due to overheating and we are gonna stay here in this
2 space parking lot for the night and see what's going on with “vera”'s
overheating problem. Other than this “cottage market” there are no
businesses anywhere to be found within miles (aside from a closed rv park)
Anyway, we spent the day in Portland and visited with my friend Carol. She
showed us around town a bit. We also went to the rose gardens in Washington
park, and ate a yummy inexpensive lunch of fresh fish from Oregon. We also
went to Powell's bookstore which is way too big and I was overwhelmed, so i
read magazines.

So we are fine and safe, no worries! it's really pretty up here and there is
a big fullish moon!

ok the battery on the computer is gonna go.. We'll keep you posted!

=-Mr and Mrs Cohen and Luna (who doesn't smell that bad anymore!)-=

(__) / Mike Cohen \
(oo) ( www.mikeycohen.org )
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